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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A hard days work...

Today has been all about assembly, with a capital "A". 43 Guards, including 2 Guard squads, 20 Zombie-Conscripts, a Mortar team and another Sgt. for my first platoon. It's been a productive day I have to say. The Zombie-conscripts, I have to say, were the hardest ones to work with. Their hands are not really suited to carry Lasguns. But in the end I think it will work. Some of them also got some Cadian helmets and some other stuff - to make them more military than shambling undead.
Next up is getting some more round bases - I ran out of round bases halfway thrue the Zombie squad. I also need to pick up a box of Cadian Hq. I will need the pieces to make two platoon command squads. And there are alot of nice pieces in that box - that I think will fit beatifully into the mix!
The Platoon Command Squad will consist of: Commander with a Boltpistol, one guardsman carrying a standard, one guardsman with a Meltagun, a Vox-caster and a Medic. The other Platoon Command squad will be identical.
Later on I will also have to build the HQ squad. A company Command Squad with: commander armed with either a Boltpistol or a Boltgun. A regemental standard, a Vox-Caster and two flamers. I'm also thinking about adding two bodyguards to the squad.

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