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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This summer that passed and the different projects.

This summer has been dominated by painting.

First up is the BaneBlade Tank, the biggest model I have ever taken my hand to. And I have to say that I'm pleased with the outcome - so far. I also had the chance to "field test" it during a small Apocalypse game at the local GW-store, and it kept up it's end more than well!

Not to forget is the former owner, "Imperial Tank Commander Zeus" who is still looking for his tank (without any success).

I also got a chance to start on my "New" Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour. I call it "new" because I've had it since it was released but I haven't got around to built it until now.
I'm really pleased with the powerweapon on this one. And I added a lot of stuff to the base, can you see the Nurgling?
I also got around to finish the "Hunter". The mini that I was thinking about entering into the National Painting Competition, but it wasn't finished in time. Well, now it's finished and here it is, accompanied by a Necromundan Razor Rat.

I have also added a new squad of Chosen Chaos Space Marines to my Death Guard army. And I have also started some reapainting and "reconstruction" work on some old Necromunda minis that I found stuffed away in a box some time ago. So this summer has been a productive period of time. The only distractions has been work, sleep, food and the occational raid to the local GW-store for paint and parts! But the "to do" list is still not finished... Instead more stuff has been added to it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The first "Dark Heresy" session

The first session was also a kind of testrun. To see if the game was a "keeper" or if I should put it back on the shelf. After a bit of work the final cast was made up by: a Preacher from a wartorn Imperial world. A rugged and violent ex. guardsman from a feral backwater world. And last but not least a Voidborn Psycher. The trio soon descended on the Gorgonide Mine in search for some answers and some action. The gamingsession went on in staggering steps, but it got us all to get to know the rules, the skills and the combatsystem of the game. And there were also a lot of laughs.
The Preacher learned how important a helmet can be, the Guardsman learned the joy of burstfire and the Psycher almost became a victim of "perils of the warp" - twice.

All in all both me and my players had a good time. And "Dark Heresy" will surely be on the menu a lot in the future! Also, I got my hands on both "Purge The Unclean" and "The Inquisitors Handbook", so there will be a lot of catching up the comming week.
Final score: Acolytes 1 - Mutants 0.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer project: The SuperHeavy

This time around I went for big(!). I couldn't help myself, so I started on a "Baneblade" Superheavy. Styled and converted for my Death Guard army (or some traitor guards, when I get there). I am not 100% happy about the paintjob so I will have to go over it one more time. That is, when I get the time to do it. There is also going to be more Nurglings added to the hull when I'm finished, you can never have to many!
I rushed the painting so I could try it out in an Apocalypse game at the local GW-store. And I have to say that it's a fearsome monster to meet on the battlefield. On the negative side I never got to move it around the table, I kind of locked it in place in front of a narrow passage when I deployed it...
But that's a whole other story!

Big, bigger, Apocalypse...

Or will GW ever go “small”. Resurrect the Killteam. After the release of the “Last Chancers”-box lots of years ago there haven’t been any “smallscale” ideas from GW:s thinktank. Everything has gotten bigger and bigger. And with the launching of the Apocalypse: Reload things will certainly get even bigger. Unfortunately the new edition of the rules didn’t contain any new thoughts on Killteam-gaming, but there is a new feel about the game. There has been a change in GW:s tone towards the game. With more emphasis on the “story” and a bit less on the “hardcore rules”. The rules are not there to facilitate “I win – You Lose” but the idea of a “good game” or “Fun game”. But in the end the truth is now obvious that the, so called “Kill Team “-rules from the last edition of the rules have been stricken from the book. Instead there are now references to the ”Apocalypse”-rules. So instead of opening up for smaller games GW now opens up the door for the “big(!)” games. But in all honestly the “Apocalypse”-rules are free and without boundaries. So why not shrink it down? In the spirit of the “free form of the game” I can easily see an opening that brings back the essence of the “Killteam”. You could always follow the guidelines that you can find in the previous edition or you could just use some common sense and pitch the battle in any way you and your companions feel like.

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