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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The "Ground punisher", part 3.

The ground punisher or the Cube of Redemption. I silly project that I just couldn't put down once I got the original ideas. Right now it looks kind of flimsy but that might have something to o with the fact that it's just a mock-up right now. It hasn't been glued together just yet! And there are also a lot of gaps that I will have to GS before I add some more details and start the painting!

A bit of a close up on the sponson and the cannon. As I said in a previous post, this build takes care of a lot of Baneblade parts that I had laying around at home. Here you see one of the two sponsons with a twin linked Heavy Flamer.
The top of the cube with its big cannon, and a granade-throwing guardsman sticking out of the turret. The gun is mounted in a forward position and is not going to be able to turn around.
The front turret is mounted under the drivers and consists of a twinlinked Heavy Bolter.
The back of the cube will have a small deck where inquisitorial stormtroopers will be able to pick of attackers from the rear, as the "Cube" slowly floats over the battlefield!

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