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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First battle! Defeat!

Finaly I had a chance to bring my Raptors to the battle. 1000 pts of Space Marines against 1000 pts of Orks. It was an all-out battle with the defeat of my beloved Raptors Chapter Space Marines. The hero of the day was my Captain who brought down more than his fair share of orks in close-combat. Close-combat was the key to the orks success, as always. All of my reinforcements came into play, made a kill, or in the case of the Devestators Lascannons two, then were cut down by assualting Orks.
Well, well, it was a fun game. And I learned lots of stuff tonight. And I'm looking forward for a rematch against the Orks!

Space Marines: 0 - Orks: 1.

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