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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Deathguards of Plasticfish

I rounded up all of my Chaos stuff that I had laying around at home. And this was the result. It's mostly from my Deathguard army, but also some Guard Renegades and my Nurgling Baneblade.

A bit of a close-up view of the troops. 4 teams, with 6 Plaguemarines and an Aspiring Chamption in each of them. The ones on the right were modeled to be Possessed space marines from the old codex. Since the Possessed no longer has any ranged or close combat weapons they have been taken up as regular Plaguemarines.

A team of Havocs mounted in a Rhino.
The latest addition to the DeathGuard army are these Chosen, walking under the banner of Nurgle and armed with a Lascannon. The only one in the army, except for the Baneblade...

Some Guard renegades. I did build and paint these just for the fun of it. The ones on the right consist mostly of Warhammer Fantasy parts (Imperial Militias) and some spare Imperial Guard parts. A fun and workable combination of parts. The rest are a combination of Cadian and Catachan parts.

You can never have to much Chaos in your collection...

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