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Friday, December 10, 2010

Send in the Killteam!

I've wanted to build an Imperial Guard Killteam ever since I read the "Killteam" omnibus. I was fascinated by the Colonels iron resolve and Lt. Kage - who in my opinion is one of the most unsympathetic characters in the whole Imperium! But nevermind that - I wanted to put together my own band of hardenend criminals in the service of the glorious Emperor. With the "Battle Missions"-book came the perfect oportunity to put my plan into motion. This is the result: two squads of Veterans with the Colonel and Kage as officers (a bit of a down-trade, I know, but it's just for the feel and fun of it!).

The Colonel takes charge of the first squad:

From left to right we have, in the front row: "The Colonel", "Shadow", "Heavy", "Rock" and "Scannerman". In the back row we have: "Ninker", "One-Eye", "Gunman" and "Spook". I'm still missing a soldier in this squad..

Lt. Kage commands the second squad:

From the left, in the front row: "Kage", "Boomer", "Bulldog", "Scar" and "Zealot". In the back row we have: "Sniper", "Anvil", "Tech", "Hammer" and "Grenadier".

The story behind the scenes:

The Colonel and Lt. Kage are the "backbone" of the 13:th Penal Legion.
The Colonel is a long time servant of the Imperium and Kage is the psycho-killer, the perfect warrior (when he follows orders) and the only one that can control the rest of the legion (besides the Colonel that is).
Weapons: The Colonel has a Power sword and a Plasma Pistol. Lt. Kage carries a Bolt Pistol and his big trusty combatknife.

Trooper "Tech".
Crime: Tech-heresy. 
"Tech" was an ambitious Techpriest that wanted too much too fast. He started to dabble in forbidden and Xeno-technology. His superiors stripped him of all his advanced augments and left him as a broken man with the 13:th legion. "Tech" is the obvious tech-expert in the outfit.
Weapon: Servo-Assisted Combat Shotgun, Aegis Pattern.

 Trooper "One-Eye".
Crime: Disobeying a direct order.
"One-Eye" hailes from the Imperial Navy. His crime was to delay the closing of an airtight door until all of his teammates had passed thru.
Weapon: Van-Tross Pattern "Ripper" Autopistol (counts as a Lasgun), Standard Navy Combat sable (close-combat weapon).

Trooper "Ninker".
Crime: Murder.
In some peoples eyes "Ninker" is just an Ork dressed in human clothing. He likes it when things explode and weapons that can deliver devestating salvos of fire. Since he is not trusted with any real heavy weapons he has gotten his hands on the next best thing.
Weapon: Van Tross pattern Light support-Autogun (counts as a Lasgun).

Weapon Specialist "Boomer".
Crime: Drunk and disorderly conduct, willfull destruction of Imperial property.
"Boomer" liked his Amasec a bit to much. After almost killing a staff clerk with his grenadelauncher one night the local Commissar placed him in the care of the 13:th penal legion. As long as he's sober he's an expert with explosives and the grenadelauncher.
Weapon: Grenadelauncher.

Heavy Weapon troopers "Heavy" and "Rock".
Crime: Destruction of Imperial property.
"Heavy" is a master with the rocketlauncher, although a bit triggerhappy. During the fierce fighting over an Imperial production-plant one of his rockets hit a storagetank och promethium. The result was a devastating blast that levelled the whole complex to the ground. No Imperial lives where lost but production in the the sector was severely hampered by his actions. "Rock" is the teams loader and spotter. He gets his name from his ability to be solid as a rock, with a back that never breaks. He carries more spare ammunition for the rocketlauncher than any other, ordinary, loader in the Guard and he never tire.
Weapon: True-Shot Pattern Rocket Launcher. "Rock" carries an Aegis pattern autogun and all the ammunition for the rocketlauncher.

Trooper "Spook".
Crime: Murder.
Not much is known about "Spook". His crime is murder but the rest of the file i classified.
Weapon: Van Tross pattern compact Autogun (count as a Lasgun).

Trooper "Shadow".
Crime: Numerous counts of murder, Willfull destruction of Imperial property, desertion.
"Shadow" is a previous member of an elite recon team operating behind enemy lines. Command had classified the team as dead until they for some reason started to do guerilla raids into Imperial territory. "Shadow" was the only one taken alive when Imperial justice later on caught up with them. "Shadow" had a lot of Imperial lives on his conscience and is guilty of destroyng several Imperial instalations including a vital bridge.
Weapon: Stalker pattern Lasgun and close-combat weapon.

Trooper "Grenadier".
Crime: Murder (Killing a superior officer)
"Grenadier" and "Scar" are brothers. And to protect his brothers drughabit "Grenadier" stabs their squadleader to death in a drunken brawl.
Weapon: Lasgun.

Trooper "Scar".
Crime: Excessive use of combat stimulants.
His body is covered with scars and needlemarks from years of using combar stimulants. His former squadleader didn't approve and threatened to rat him out - so his brother killed him. The Colonel dosn't approve of his use of stimulants but as long as "Scar" does what he's supposed to do he turns a blind eye to it.
Weapon: Lasgun.

Weapon Specialist "Sniper".
Crime: Disobeying orders.
"Sniper" is said to have been firing upon targets designated as non-combatants. He claimed they where deserters helping the underground resistance. "Sniper" is an old lone-wolf and a mastersniper. He can lay patiently in wait for days before taking out his target. The number of his confirmed kills are classified.
Weapon: Sniper Rifle.

Trooper "Gunman".
Crime: Looting and blackmarketeering.
"Gunman" is a fixer. He knows who to talk to and how to get his hands on highly sought after goods. That was just that kind of thing that landed him in the 13:th Penal Legion. He was arrested after being found in possession of some highly valueble Hive Spire art.
Weapon: Lasgun and a Lock Pattern Autopistol (counts as a close-combat weapon).

Trooper "Hammer".
Crime: Disobeying orders.
Born and bred out of Cadia. Disobeying an order or covardice is unhurd of in the militaristic Cadian society. After being cut of from the rest of the force, "Hammer" and his group fought their way back to the insertionpoint. "Hammer" was the only survivor and the only one accused of diobeying a direct order - since the order was to move foreward and not back to the rallypoint.
Weapon: Aegis pattern Autogun (counts as a Lasgun).

Trooper "Anvil".
Crime: Insubordination
"Anvil" has always been a teamplayer en when he was ordered to abandon his wounded teamates he simply refused. Instead he layed down coverfire until the medics could move the wounded out of the area. During the manouver the squadleader was vaporised by a plasmabolt and "Anvil" had to answer for his actions to the local Commissar.
Weapon: Van-Tross pattern Autogun (counts as a Lasgun).

Specialist Trooper "Zealot".
Crime: Member of forbidden Imperial cult.
"Zealot" could never drop being a cultist not even when he was drafted from his homeworld. He was convicted for being a member of a forbidden cult and shipped of to the penal legion. His provess with the flamer earned him a spot on the Colonels team of Last Chancers.
Weapon: Flamer and close-combat weapon.

Trooper "Scannerman".
Crime: Treason.
"Scannerman" is a former Adeptus Arbites - a corrupt one to say the least. After making several deals with underworld contacts - selling troop positions and locations of weaponscaches, he was finaly apprahended by the Internal affairs devision. His deathsentence was transformed, by the Colonel, to a lifetime membership of the 13:th Penal Legion.
Weapon: Arbites standard issue Combat Shotgun.

Trooper "Bulldog".
Crime: Several counts of murder and insubordination.
"Bulldog" is a ferious fighter without any restrains. When he charges into the enemys ranks he lets his shotgun do the talking. There have been several incidents when Lt. Kage has been forced to strike him unconcious just so he can calm down.
Weapon: Aegis-pattern Combat Shotgun.

Now there's only the question of what suicide mission will I send them on!


The GunGrave said...

Your teams look great mate! I especially like the background that you wrote for each character!

PlasticFish said...

Thank you! Well the background stuff was fun to write. It was a bit over-ambitious, but who knows it might come in handy if I use them in a "One-off" narrative game or some kind of "Zombie" game in the (far) future.
Over all I'm very pleased with the result so far.

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