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Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from vacation - back to the workshop and my many projects..

On vacation I had to sample some of the local painting talents of Amsterdam. In the middle of the usual tourist-chaos I found GW Amsterdam to be a relaxed and easygoing retreat.

The "Try the game"-table, with a real nice Blood Angel Flyer.

I had a nice talk with the creator of this one (whose name I regretably have forgotten). It's made of half a Land Raider, most of a Valkyrie flyer and Hbolter turrets from a Predator kit.

I also found some nice Eldar and Nids tucked away in a big display case.

I really regret not getting a better pic of these ones.
Some nice Red Scorpion Space Marines.

A crisp and clean IG Super Heavy supporter.

I'm usualy not a Warhammer Fantasy-fan but this one caught my eye, maybe it was the banner.

On a more personal note I'm back to my own projects. Right now I'm trying to build a small Killteam for The Imperial Guards. I'm thinking two Veteran squads, Last Chancer style!

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