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Monday, July 26, 2010

Finished the Valkyrie/Vendetta

The local GW painting competition "forced" me to finish this one. It's for my Strom Renegade Army.

The weapon mounts are all magnetized so it can change weapons and go as a Valkyrie or a Vendetta. I also made the side gunners removeable. It's designated as "01" but there will be no more flyers for my army (not for a while anyway...).


sonsoftaurus said...

Like the rest of the army, it's looking good!

The GunGrave said...

Nice weathering, and i love the chaos star on the side! Thinking of starting my own renegade army at the end of the year, so i'll be following your posts closely! great work!

Hashshashin: said...

Great Job!

Looks good, I like the color choices and the contrast of the star. Nice.

RuntMcRory said...

Looks fantastic. My only real complaint is that for a renegade valk it looks just a bit too clean ;)

The Pirate Viking said...

I like it. Gods bless Mr. Taylor for how to do those awesome Chaos Stars, they look ace on your valkyrie. The clean thing works for me, looks like they defected last week and just daubed a star on the machines. Maybe in a decade or so they will be twisted and daemonic but for now they are just Guardsmen on the "wrong" side!

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