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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Once you go big, will you ever go back..?

Last weekend I finaly got around to try something new. After some research I came across a nice tutorial on masteroftheforge.com titled "How to make an actual scale Space Marine". And since I hade some plastic Terminators just laying around I thought "hey let's try this".
And here are some pics of my progress last sunday:

There are still some gaps that needs filling and I'm thinking about adding some more raised plasticard details. I'm also working on the backpack. And I'm following the tips from the tutorial so it's going to be a bit bigger than the original size. Amazeingly the standard sized Space Marine head works great with the added size of the mini.

Here we have a comparison shot with a standard sized marine and a standard sized guard.

The title of this post is a bit missleading - I do prefer the standard sized marine when it comes to gaming and armybuilding but the bigger, "true scale" sized marine works great when it comes to "one-offs" and dioramas. Now I just need to decide on which Chapter he's going to be a member of. And I'm really looking forward to paint this one.

Please check out www.masteroftheforge.com for the tutorial.

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