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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


About a year and a month ago I posted some pics of some "Ghoul-servitors". Now I've been adding some more love to them.

I have no idea what these are for... It's just fun to add bits and grey-stuff to them and paint-away!


sonsoftaurus said...

Those are great. Would fit in very well as part of a Henchman warband for the new GK I would think.

Ricalope said...

well done! I always wondered how this conversion would look. The plasma gunner looks so snarly!

Adam said...

Wow!! It's amazing what you can do just randomly chucking things together! I second the vote on Henchman warband!

Anonymous said...

Thats really cool and would make an excellent idea for conscripts in my traitors. Its crazy how similar your ideas are to mine and i hadn't seen this before i started my traitors. Ghouls are an excellent kit in traitors and i already use them for penal squads and for lesser deamons for my chaos attachment.

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