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Monday, February 14, 2011

Homegrown Storm Troopers

I started on this squad of Storm Troopers right after I finished the "Killteam"-squads. I wanted to see what it took to make regular Cadians into something that looked more like Storm Troopers. This is the result of that experiment.

Some added armor made from plasticard. Rebreathers from the Cadian HQ box and the googled heads from some Cadian heavy weapons teams. The backpacks are cut-down vox-caster backpacks.


sonsoftaurus said...

They look great! Everything comes together well.

The GunGrave said...

Great work! Have you seen the new Forgeworld Cadian Haz-Mat Kits? Pretty sweet, and whould fit your criteria quite nicely i think!

issac said...

where are the guns from?

PlasticFish said...

@sonsoftaurus: Thank you!

@The GunGrave: yes, I saw them the other day. The Cadian Haz-Mats are some nice kits. And as soon as a saw them my head started thinking "how can I make my own variant of these ones..." It was inspiring.

The guns are regular Cadian Lasguns. Check out this nice tutorial for some pointers:


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