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Friday, April 9, 2010

A total take on the Strom Renegade Army

So I got around to taking pictures of the whole army. (Well not really the whole army since the Valkyrie and the Sentinel aren't in the picture).
Here we go:

HQ (front and center) with banner, dual flamers, Vox-caster and Commander with two Body Guards. Also, to the right of the main HQ we have the "Dark Commissar".

I have two main Infantry platoons. The far most left one has a unit of (Zombie)Conscripts added to it. The units have a mix of flamers and granadelaunchers with a Vox-caster in every unit. The platoon command squads have a Vox-caster, meltagun, banner and medics.
If I am to pick out any favorites in my army, we have my dug-in Heavy Bolters, and not to forget the "Ogryn Autocannon Carrier":

And my Psyker Battle Squad, one of my overall favorite builds in this army:

Then the question is, "what's my next move? What plans do I have for the future of this army?" Well, first of I want to put two more Armoured Sentinels on the table - so I have a full trio of them. Then I'm thinking that I might want some Storm Troopers to put in my Valkyrie Transport. And another thought is to add more Conscripts to the squad - right now there are 20 of them. I might want to max them out. But that's all in the (near)future. Right now there are still some details to finish up here and there on my existing minis.

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