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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trying out some new stuff

So far this week has been an interresting one. Since I'm low on cash and useable bitz I've been trying my hand att some GS casting.
After following some advice found at some different forums and blogs I sat my sights at trying to cast some small pices in GS.

As you can see from the picture above the result is quite good, even with pieces that got small details, like the grenade-packs.

And here you can see one of the seals placed on a mini. And to the right is the mould I made from filling up a round 20mm base with GS. Then I applied ordinary vegetable-based oil on to the pieces that I wanted to cast. Next step was to press them down into the GS, and leaving them in there until the GS hardened.

I also tried my hand at making quick, simple and nice bases. The base on the right is the "negative" one. I made it by covering an ordiary 20mm round base with GS and then applying some oil to the surface. Then I pressed it on to the base I wanted to copy. So now I got a nice mould that I can use to create some quick metalplated bases!

Since my first moulds, with the seals worked so well, I also casted a skull. The size of it makes for a good ornament on the powered-armor! As you also can see, this mini is mounted on one of the bases that I made with the "negative" one that I talked about earlier.
Final thoughts: - I love this! My next project is to cast a modified head. Which means that I will have to make a double mould. Right now all my casted bits only got details on one side. So casting a head will be a bit more tricky, i think...
One thing to remember: - When using vegetable-based oil on GS (which keeps the GS from sticking to the mould) the curing time for the GS increases a bit.

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