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Monday, May 25, 2009

Now, what's this!?

Right now I'm working on two (three, five, ten...) different projects for a competition. This one is a Battlescene featuring some old (!) Necromunda minis.

This was the original idea. But after some work on it, it just felt too big. So I did some cutting and got it down to this:

The two circular holes are where the two "heroes" of this build is going to be mounted. Since I didn't want to glue them directly to the scene I opted on mounting them on some nice 20mm bases and then fixing the base to the scene.

Here we can see "The Zombie Master" and the Escher Ganger. In front of her I'm going to mount another Zombie who's taking a nice big hit from the Shotgun straight in the face... And another Zimbie is going to be mounted on the tilted pillar - just peaking over, ready to jump down and attack.
As you can see the ground still need some work - which only can be seen when you put the scene under a strong light.

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