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Monday, April 6, 2009

Chaos Hellblade ...incomming!

Two weeks back I started scratchbuilding some airsupport for my Chaos army. Right now I'm working on two Hellblade fighters. The primary material on this one is some cardboard, a bottlecap (to hold the engine in place), some filler for all the gaps and greenstuff for the raised details (that aren't cardboard). When everything is finished the pilot and a dashboard will be fitted inside the cockpit. This build is a cross between a display-piece and some Heavy support for my Chaos army. The base will also reflect that - still need to get going on that one...

Here are some pics of the first of the two Hellblades, "The Red Baron":

Some disturbing rune-details on the (hmm) "wings":

Another Hellblade is on the way, this time in a more greenish colour and with some more gs-work on the hull. (Thinking about naming it The green Devil)
Still missing on this one: the "Baron" himself, the pilot. Well and not to forget the two twinlinked autocannons... And, well, the whole engine-package. It's a sub-assembly that's about ready for mounting, just need a coat of paint on it before I start on the details.


Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Hey dude, this looks pretty good, been looking at scratch building a few things myself once my army is fully operational. Such things as a Warhound Titan, Hell Blade and such.

Out of curiosity, do you have a template for measurements for this thing, can't find any online and I'm unsure of how big these things are.


PlasticFish said...

Check out this link for measurements:

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