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Monday, October 17, 2011

Same old song

What have I been up to lateley?
Well, I've been working and in between I've been playing some games and painting some minis. I recently started up Battlefleet Gothic with some friends. It's really a project I've been working on for the past year, but never got of the ground...

Right now I got 2 Ramships (the blue ones in the front row), 3 Savage Gunships, 2 Ravager Attack Ships, 2 Kill Kroozers (the big chunky onew to the right) and 2 Terror Kroozers (well one of them is still being painted). I'm also working on a Spacehulk and some more Fighta Bomma-markers.
Since I scratchbuild all of my ships I only invest time in this project, while my friends buy ships from GW and ForgeWorld. So right now we only play 500pts games.

Here we have my 500 pts list. A Terror Kroozer, a Kill Kroozer and a trio of Savage Gunships. In the last game I opted to change my Heavy gunz batteries for torpedolaunchers with looted torpedos.
The last game was against my friends Tau-fleet and it ended in a terrible draw. Both our remaining ships tried to outmanouver eachother and after two hours we decided that we both had enough...
That game put the finger on the problem - I need more, cheap, and fast escorts!

A close-up shot of my finished Fighta Bomma-markers. Takes a long time to build but they are fun to paint!
A close-up of some markers that are still waiting to get some paint. I'm also thinking about building some torpedo- and boarding torpedo-markers.

And yes, the work on the Chaos Baneblade continues...

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