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Friday, April 9, 2010

A total take on the Strom Renegade Army

So I got around to taking pictures of the whole army. (Well not really the whole army since the Valkyrie and the Sentinel aren't in the picture).
Here we go:

HQ (front and center) with banner, dual flamers, Vox-caster and Commander with two Body Guards. Also, to the right of the main HQ we have the "Dark Commissar".

I have two main Infantry platoons. The far most left one has a unit of (Zombie)Conscripts added to it. The units have a mix of flamers and granadelaunchers with a Vox-caster in every unit. The platoon command squads have a Vox-caster, meltagun, banner and medics.
If I am to pick out any favorites in my army, we have my dug-in Heavy Bolters, and not to forget the "Ogryn Autocannon Carrier":

And my Psyker Battle Squad, one of my overall favorite builds in this army:

Then the question is, "what's my next move? What plans do I have for the future of this army?" Well, first of I want to put two more Armoured Sentinels on the table - so I have a full trio of them. Then I'm thinking that I might want some Storm Troopers to put in my Valkyrie Transport. And another thought is to add more Conscripts to the squad - right now there are 20 of them. I might want to max them out. But that's all in the (near)future. Right now there are still some details to finish up here and there on my existing minis.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Multitasking...

I like to multitask! It's good to mix your painting-projects - so you don't lose your interrest along the way. Right now I'm putting my main interrest into my Valkyria/Vendetta -flyer, but I'm also getting some job done on some other projects:
First up is my re-painted Space Marine Scouts. They used to be Blood Angels but now they're part of my Raptors Chapter Army:

There are still some details remaining, like eyes and hair on two of them. I'm also working on adding some more infantry to my Strom Renegade Army:

Three more to go!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Work continues!

Work is progressing on The Valkyria/Vendetta build. And now the work is starting to get into the fun part.

I've started the weathering process on some parts on the hull and I added some white stripes on the wings. I will also add some stripes to the fins.

A bit of a closeup of the left wing. The work will continue tonight as well as the planning of the placement of some nice Chaos-insignias!

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