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Friday, August 21, 2009

More Renegade Veterans!

A couple of more pics of my Veterans.

And two Flamer-troopers, one is still missing an arm...

And the Vox-operator, the only one the got a double-sized magazine for his gun.

I'm really itching to get these ones into the painting-stage!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Veterans for my Traitor Guards!

The Sgt. of my Veterans.

And the whole crew, pimped out in heavier armor (the grenadier doctrine), a heavy flamer, two regular flamers and shotguns. A real trenchraiding crew in my mind.

I also made a Heavy weapons team with a Autocannon for the same squad if I ever opt for some firesupport, or I put it to use somewhere else in the army.
The process of putting heavier armor on the squad has been taking a bit longer than I planned for, I was hoping to be well into the painting stage right now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Strom Renegades!

A small collection of my "Strom Renegades", part of one of the infantry squads, a Sgt. and a heavy weapons team.

There are a lot of other minis ready but I haven't gotten around to take a picture of them yet.

I have stopped counting the days...

Well, when I started this thread, about Summer Project 2009, I thought that I vould write every day about the progress. But it didn't turn out quite like that. So from now on I will not be presenting any daily updates on the project, instead I will post updates as it comes along.
Right now I'm working on a Veteran squad. 3 flamers (1 heavy and 2 normal), vox-caster, Sgt. with power-weapon & boltpistol and the rest of the squad armed with shotguns. I also added the Grenadier doctrine to them so I had to add some extra armor to all of them. I opted for metalplates and chainmail-looking extra armor. I think it will fit quite nicely into the rest of the army.
Again I post without any picturs since I have been too lacy to break out the camera. I hope that the next update will involve some pics of the state of the project!

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