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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Necromunda-night

So I'm back from another afternoon with Necromunda. Sorry to say that it was a complete disaster for my team but it was also a lot of fun.
First, I've been trying out my "Techgang" a couple of times - without any great success I may add. Second, we played a three-sided battle. My "Techgang", the Mercs and a gang of Scavvies - with too many Zombies lined up for a fight. The result was devestating for my gang. One of my gangers was turned into a Zombie and my Leader got blown away by one of the Scavvies...
So that was the end of my "Techgang" for this time. Since then I've been dubbling my efforts, and trying to get the Van Saar ChromeLords into business again. Somewhere Downhive there's a rumor that an invasion of Plague Zombies is on the way... It's time to rally all hardened fighters in the defense of the Underhive.
Until next time...

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